Founded in 1988 by Pauline and Dr. Sylvester Chuang, AWIN’s first dealership was Volvo Villa. It was a small operation that quickly grew to offer from entry level models to luxury models, and as a result, catered to all sectors.  A strong positive force anchored within its community, the AWIN Group of Dealerships employs more than 1,000 associates at 25 locations throughout Ontario.


Beyond its impressive automotive presence, AWIN has demonstrated its leadership over the past several years by performing numerous acts of philanthropy on behalf of its community. In fact, during the pandemic, AWIN stepped up its commitment as an agile leader by making donations to hospitals in need and offering vehicle purchase discounts to many front-line workers.


AWIN has worked diligently to cultivate a community presence that is both familiar and welcoming. With its focus on a culture centred on the true value of family, AWIN – along with its employees and customers – is what the Foundation seeks in an organic partnership.


With AWIN’s support, the Foundation can now help even more families meet the needs of their children, especially during these trying and challenging times.


Meeting many faces of AWIN Group of Dealerships, Life Legacy Member of the Foundation


We Are You.

What do we mean when we say that?  At AWIN, we don’t just operate within your community; we thrive as a member of your community. Our support, loyalty and commitment to all families in our neighbourhoods is why it felt so natural to partner with the David Foster Foundation, whose focus on supporting Canadian families nationwide mirrored our own priorities. We now look forward to continuing this special partnership. After all, when it comes to understanding the importance of family, AWIN and the David Foster Foundation are not just there for you. WE ARE YOU.


Source: David Foster Foundation Winter 2021/2022 Newsletter by David Foster Foundation – Issuu