Accident Report Tips

10 Steps After A Car Accident

A car accident or breakdown is stressful, and sometimes it’s hard to remember what to do next.  Here are a few tips on how to manage the situation easier. Please STAY CLAM, and make sure that you and members of your family are in a safe place before any further actions:


  1. Stop & Check Surroundings Turn on your hazard lights (or use cones / warning triangles / flares) to warn the oncoming traffic, and move yourself out of harm’s way. If the other driver leaves, write down their licence plate number, so the authorities can locate them.
  2. Stay Calm Confirm no one is hurt, then check for damage and assess the situation.
  3. Determine the accident’s situation:
    1. Emergency & Someone is Injured – Call 911 and follow the instructions given to you.  Keep injured people warm and don’t move them unless they’re in immediate danger.
    2. Not Emergency – Call local police or report to Collision Reporting Centres (CRC) in person within 24 hours (Only if Police were not present at the scene.)   Click here for the nearest Collision Report Centre location details.
  4. Move to Safe Area If the vehicle(s) is drivable, move away from the roadway (i.e. shoulder of the road or towards the nearest curb).  Otherwise, go to the side furthest from the road or stay in the vehicle if it isn’t safe to exit, and have it towed.  Do not accept offers from tow truck drivers that offer to take your car somewhere.
  5. Record Details of the Accident
    1. Date / Time / Location / Weather
    2. The types of vehicles involved
    3. The location of each vehicle
    4. How the accident occurred
  6. Gather Information
    1. Drivers’ license numbers
    2. Drivers’ names and contact information
    3. Make, colour and model of the other vehicle(s)
    4. License plate numbers
    5. Insurance policy numbers
    6. Names of the insurance companies
    7. Names of all passengers
    8. Names of witnesses and contact information
  7. Take Pictures / Videos  If safe to do so, draw a sketch or take a picture of include damage to vehicles, the accident scene indicating the position and direction of the vehicles and cross streets.
  8. Limit Discussion  Try not to talk about the accident with the other driver(s), including apologizing to them. Only discuss the accident with the police and your insurance company.
  9. File a Report  Any combined damage that is over $2,000 is required to be reported within 24 hours. You can easily handle reporting the accident at your local Collision Reporting Centre when you take the vehicle in.
  10.  Contact Insurance Company Tell them the details, and they will review the claim with you, finalize repair arrangements, and answer any of your questions.



Insurance Coverage

If it is determined that you are not at fault for the accident or you have an insurance policy in place, you will be compensated for:

    • Car rentals
    • Towing fees
    • Accident car repair and body shop work
    • Reimbursement for your vehicle if it’s totaled
    • Accident car inspections
    • Storage fees at any compounds

For more details about your insurance policy, please speak with your insurance agent directly.