autoblog | Antti Kautonen | 06/19/2018

Volvo is getting ready to unveil its new S60 sedan tomorrow in Gothenburg, Sweden. New teaser shots are cropping up on Instagram and elsewhere, with familiar modern Volvo details visible under the sheet, including the “Thor’s Hammer” headlights and a taillight shape similar to the bigger S90. We also get a look at the car’s front from above, with the bumper’s jutting airdam visible. Other shots depict the S60 placed in a fish tank of sorts, waiting for its moment in the limelight above a Scandinavian-looking living-room setting.

The car will be the first U.S.-built Volvo, replacing the 2010-introduced predecessor, which first entered production in Belgium. Volvo’s new South Carolina plant is expected to build 60,000 S60s a year. The powertrain options will otherwise mirror the XC60and V60 siblings, but no diesel version will be offered. The top-of-the-line version will be the Polestar Engineered edition of the T8 model, which boosts the hybrid car’s power output all the way to 415 horsepower.