With the warm breeze in the air and the cold weather behind us, this may be a good time to start thinking about getting your vehicle ready for warmer weather.

Here is a list of five items that you should check to get your car into tip-top shape for the season ahead:

1. Change your winter tires

Remember to replace your winter tires with all seasons or summer tires. When the temperature gets to around 7 degrees celsius, it’s a good time to consider making the switch. Summer tires begin to lose some of their grip as the temperature drops below this point, while winter tires begin to wear out and offer less response as the thermometer rises above seven degrees.


2. Service Maintenance

Spring is a good seasonal reminder to schedule an oil and filter change. While you are at the service center, it’s also a great idea to have your mechanic check all the filters and other fluids, like transmission fluid, brake fluid, and coolant.


3. Check your brakes

Check your brakes for wear. If your car braking is rough or noisy, then there may be a good chance that you will need new pads. If you see that the brake check lamp is on, that’s also a good indicator that it’s time to find a trustworthy mechanic to do some inspections.


4. Keep your battery life strong

Batteries don’t last forever, and the harsh Canadian winters actually make them degrade faster. It’s essential to check your car battery every year, to ensure it’s running at vehicle’s peak performance. Next time when you take your car in for service, ask your mechanic to do a test on both your car and key battery.


5. Get a wheel alignment

If you notice that your car is constantly pulling to one side when driving, that is a good sign your wheels need to be realigned. Proper wheel alignments allow your car to handle properly and also helps minimize tire wear outs.


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